Alpha Epsilon Re-founding Update

Dear Brothers in Chi Psi,

On behalf of the Epsilon Trustee Corporation, we wanted to provide you an update on the ongoing efforts to re-establish Alpha Epsilon of Chi Psi at the University of Michigan. You may recall the update we provided last June when we announced the kick-off of that process.

Extension Specialists Adler Rosenberger, ΦΔ ’19 and Aidin Montefisher, PΔ ’20, have worked closely with Alpha Epsilon Alumni to recruit eight exceptional young men to form a re-founding group over the last eight months. Representatives of that group recently took the next step by formally petitioning the Chi Psi Executive Council of Chi Psi for status as a Colony on April 24 at the Central Office in Nashville.

As the long-awaited process of restoring Alpha Epsilon to active status proceeds this year, I am writing to ask you to reaffirm your commitment to the Lodge so that we as alumni can show our support for a successful re-founding.

It is essential that the re-birth of Alpha Epsilon is led by an active and purposeful alumni Brotherhood. Your participation matters. Here are three important ways that you can be involved:

  1. A strategic plan is in motion to rebuild our scholarship programs and make necessary physical improvements and updates to the Lodge. A committee is actively working on this effort, which will ensure that 620 S. State Street serves as a lifelong home to our undergraduates and alumni for another 100 years. This campaign will also fulfill our promise to make the Chi Psi experience available through scholarships to Brothers for whom it is financially out of reach. Provide your input on this critical plan by taking a short survey at
  2. Our new alumni website will keep you closely connected to Alpha Epsilon. Log on using the credentials we emailed you to use the searchable directory feature. Make sure your contact information is current or connect with a Brother! You can also contribute content to the site by uploading photos to the gallery.
  3. Your support for our ongoing operation of the Lodge during this period is not only greatly appreciated, but also integral to the success of our re-founding. Please consider making a gift now by visiting our DONATE page.

With our re-founding upon us, it’s time to work together to re-establish Alpha Epsilon for a new era, and in so doing restore the Lodge to its rightful place as Michigan’s first and finest fraternity.

Yours in the Bonds,
The Epsilon Trustee Corporation

P.S. Sincere thanks to the Brothers listed below who have contributed to the Alpha in the past few years. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

J. Kelley Newton 1950
Dr. Dean L. Carlson MD 1954
Guy T. Moulthrop 1955
Dale R. Ewart 1956
John D. Boyles 1956
Dr. John K. Edleman DO 1957
Dr. William A. Raisch 1959
Robert F. Nissly 1959
Frank T. Westover 1960
Joseph S. Baylis 1960
Richard E. Loyer 1960
Robert V. Peterson 1962
Verne G. Istock 1962
David J. Welch 1963
John H. Ogden 1963

Kent Strickland 1963
Thomas F. Sweeney 1965

David W. Yohe 1966
Steven A. Handlos 1966
John R. Fields 1967
Jon R. Holt 1968
Richard R. Burns 1968
William F. Klumpp Jr. 1970
Richard T. Winegarden 1971
John W. Winkelhaus II 1972
Christopher Anderson 1975
Gary M. Graser 1977
John C. Grabow 1978
Keith Z. Bilby 1978
Gernot A. Joachim 1979

Steven L. Crow 1979
Brian T. Heil 1980
Eric A. Meade 1984

Matthew R. Keiser 1984
Scott J. Butler 1984
Stewart V. Roeling 1984
Christopher J. Bigelow 1985
David L. Decker 1986
David M. Di Rita 1986
Jeffrey L. Clemons 1986
Richard R. McGill Jr. 1986
Dennis G. Miriani 1987
Brad R. Plymale 1990
George M. Deeb 1991
Adam T. Wellman 1993

Elliot J. Favus 1996
Kirk R. Bogle 1996
Brian E. Stewart 1998
James R. Van Dyke 2001

Jason B. Shane 2001
Michael J. Donovan 2001
Steven A. Starnes 2001
John J. Van Straten 2003
Nathan T. Mikolajczak 2003
Marc E. Schneidkraut 2005
Andrew McQuarrie 2006
James F. Peterka 2009

Jeffrey D. Osborne 2009
John R. Foss 2010
John Jefferies
Lewis IV E. William