Brothers from the 1950s to the 2010s Share Alumni News

Thank you to all the Brothers who responded to our call for class updates! Alumni who submitted news are listed by class year below.

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John Boyles, E’56
Graduated from U of M School of Business in 1956 and U of M Law School in 1959. Very active in University activities and Grand Rapids and West Michigan charities. Still active in a law office. Founded the Mr. Fables restaurant chain. Served on many boards incl. Old Kent Financial Corp and numerous charities. My wife Janet and we and our 3 children and 7 grandchildren have traveled the world together.

William Raisch, E’59
Very successful career in secondary education as an administrator in MO. Active at local, state, and national levels. Helped develop a very successful program for disadvantaged youth in Detroit and the surrounding metropolitan area. Continue to help non-high school graduates earn a GED Certificate. Served as editor of Purple & Gold – worked with Bill Leclere in central office in Ann Arbor. Living in Hilton Head, SC with my wife of 52 years. Our son and daughter and their children live in the area as well. Gardening, reading, some travel, piano playing, volunteering, friends and family, etc. …life has been good to me and I feel blessed…

Roger Kallock, E’60
50 year international consulting supply chain leadership career. Expanded in 2001 when I completed 3 years as deputy under Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Material Readiness. Was senate confirmed in 2000.

Hoke Martin, E’60
3 years US Navy, 34 years IBM, lots of skiing, travel, once a year to Chi Psi reunion and Michigan football.

James Dodge, E’62
I stayed at UofM to get my MBA. My career in business took my wife Peggy and me across the country before settling in New England. We raised three daughters who have given us six grandchildren. We were leaders in our communities and believe we made lasting contributions. We now enjoy a wonderful retirement in Florida.

David Hunter, E’62
The Michigan education and Chi Psi experience certainly helped to build a successful international career in finance and manufacturing. Over time I have met numerous other Chi Psis and they have all been successful gentlemen.

Robert Peterson, E’62
Met my wife, Sue, on a first date arranged by a fraternity brother– our 57th wedding anniversary was August 15. I graduated from UofM Law in 1965 and have been with the same firm for 57 years– almost 500 lawyers. On several non-profit boards.

Steven Handlos, E’66
Employed by a paper company as a forester at graduation. After 15 years, became self-employed as a systems analyst. I wrote a lot of computer software and did some income tax work also. I now work as a seasonal employee of Turbo Tax.

Richard Burns, E’68
Graduated from Michigan Law in 1971. San Francisco for 5 years and then with Brother William Burns as partners in Duluth, Minnesota firm for 33 years (still Of Counsel) and now VP/General Counsel of Morgan Murphy Media (family-owned – wife-CEO/son COO) owning 8 network-affiliated stations in 6 markets in role for 25 years. Always involved in community including many United Way roles, founder of a community foundation and now chair of a land trust protecting desert in north valley of phoenix. Two children and five grandchildren and wife Elizabeth, just got pinned after all these years.

Dean Hedstrom, E’71
Return to Minnesota, corporate job, married, build a house, start a business, divorced, build the business, married, found another business, sold business, too much international travel, retired, help a friend reorganize his business, turn-around another business (not so successful), former clients still find me and I am as busy as I like. Sandy and I are exceedingly happy.

Keith Bilby, E’78
With GM since 1980. Married 1997 with two boys, one of whom just graduated from UM. He did not have the opportunity to pledge Chi Psi but his fraternity was a marching band trombone house near Elbel Field. Volunteered with Boy Scouts, church and middle school robotics.

Steven Crow, E’79

Brian Heil, E’80
Retired. 39 years General Motors. Designing engines and powertrain systems and managing those who did the same.

William Miles, E’83
Graduated UofM Engineering, but went on to become commercial photographer/director- following my dream. Lived in Boston for 15 years, now 16 years in Woodstock, NY with my life partner Kristen and a blended family of 4 kids, now all young adults.

Frank Moore, E’83
Established wealth management firm in Ann Arbor, served as Treasurer of Epsilon Trustee Corp for a few years.

David Di Rita, E’86
After college, I stayed on at Michigan for Law School, and after practicing law in Detroit, ultimately started my own real estate development company in 2005. On a personal note, my wife and I met at Michigan and raised two children. We have lived in or near Ann Arbor most of our adult lives.

James Cordes, E’88
I am insatiably curious about humanity and science. My career has been on the manufacturing side of IT, always seeking to understand and support customers. I am married with one son (now in high school). My wife is now a master’s candidate in Landscape Architecture at Temple University. I ski (water and snow), photograph everything, collect and drink all dine wine and spirits, an avid chef and creator of culinary experiences. Traveling is a must.

Andy Wong, E’88
Applied life skills learned at Lodge to have successful career allowing early retirement.

Jeff Ehrlich, E’90
Married for 15 years, 2 kids, 2 dogs. Love my career in the mortgage industry! Active in our local church, serving and giving.

Matt Bejin, E’96
After graduation, I worked for Accenture and through work, I lived in Germany and San Francisco, but finally settled back in Michigan in 2001 and haven’t looked back. My wife and I married in 2003 in Ann Arbor and have two wonderful sons. I changed career paths and entered into HR via recruiting in order to have a more stable home life. I now run the HR and back-office operations for a healthcare company in Troy. My wife and I are involved in our church and went on several mission trips with the youth group prior to having children. Our sons play baseball, soccer and also swim. My wife and I get involved whenever we can. I enjoy hunting with my dog Ruby, and teaching my sons how to hunt and fish.

Thomas Ryan, E’01
I’ve been with the same company for 18.5 years. I’m still single but have a great family. I have done volunteering with an adult literacy center as well as American Mensa (I was “Mr. Mensa 2016”). I have edited/written published works, done triathlons, theater, yoga, played music, traveled a lot to Central America and the Caribbean, and even published a board game with friends.

James Gary, E’04
Working for a beer distributor. Have a wife and 3 kids.

Brian Niedzwiecki, E’06
Upon graduation, I got a job with Target Corp. at HQ in Minneapolis, and I’ve been here ever since (15 years). I spent 13 years in Merchandising as an Inventory Planner and Buyer, but currently in Properties Management where I help take care of our physical store space. I’m married (Caitlin) with 2 kids (Emmy 7, Stanley 4).

Brendan Buckley, E’11
Happily married since 2017 and the father of one son, born in 2020. Currently a Navy helicopter pilot stationed in sunny San Diego.

Nathan DeKett, E’11
I still live in metro Detroit. I married a woman I met in the lodge. We left through the window the night I met her. We now have a toddler and another on the way. Related to chi psi, I always thought that I learned valuable life skills there, like how to speak in public, be persuasive, and build consensus.

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