Brad R. Plymale, E’90

Trustee & #3, Epsilon Trustee Corporation

“The experiences we gained at Alpha Epsilon were foundational for success”

Did Chi Psi make an impact on us? “Just look at the success of our peer group,” says Brad R. Plymale, E’90, Epsilon Trustee Corporation #4. “We learned how to grow both personally and professionally during our time at the Lodge. We learned to manage ourselves autonomously. I think that success has transcended into our families and professional life. Those experiences we gained at Alpha Epsilon were foundational.”

Plymale says he was drawn to Chi Psi because he was looking for a “small experience on a big campus.” He found it at the Lodge—a unique community within a community that was values-centric. “That drew me,” he says. When he pledged, he didn’t know any other Chi Psis. By the time he graduated, his younger brother had decided to become an Alpha Epsilon just like him. 

Plymale says that his active experience was one of camaraderie. “Everyday experiences together were so rich,” he says. “We developed such strong relationships by living in community together.” 

Some of his favorite memories are of Football Saturdays when actives, alumni, and friends would gather at the Lodge. “There was a lot happening athletically and it made for such a great time for us on campus, event-wise. Those weekends were really a highlight.”

Today, Plymale works for GM as a mechanical engineer and lives in Northville with his wife and two children. He’s been involved with various leadership roles as both an undergraduate and an alumnus, and today is #4 for the Epsilon Trustee Corporation. He says that giving back “is fundamental to perpetuate any experience.”

“My experience was predicated on those before me, and for that to continue, we need to continue that support so that the generation after us can have the same rich experience we had.”

Without Chi Psi, I wouldn’t have the rich, worldwide network of friends that I have today.