Steven L. Crow, E’79

#1, Epsilon Educational Endowment

“I’m giving back because others did it for me”

For Steve L. Crow, E’79, Epsilon Educational Endowment #1 and Chi Psi Educational Trust Chair, the motivation to give back to Alpha Epsilon is simple. “Others did it for me,” he says. 

He says that his time in the Lodge made an impact on his later life. “I grew up an awful lot,” he says. “I think most of us did. The Lodge provided experience through positions of leadership and opportunities to grow. You wouldn’t normally give a 20-year-old a $100,000 budget to manage, but the life experience was so valuable.”

In the years since he was at Michigan, he’s gone on to hold multiple leadership positions not only at the Lodge, but also at Chi Psi Central Offices.

Without Chi Psi, I wouldn’t own a tuxedo.