Epsilon Officially Re-Instated as Alpha at Chi Psi National Convention

Alpha Epsilon was restored to Alpha status at the 181st Convention of Chi Psi which was held at Alpha Xi Delta at Texas Tech University this year. Nine of our re-founding class made the trek to Lubbock, Texas– several via a recreational vehicle piloted by our own Brother Heil E’80, with Brother Dennis Miriani E’87 serving as co-pilot and art historian.

At approximately 3 pm on Saturday, July 30, the formal convention session was suspended to permit the re-founders to enter and present their petition before the delegates. All 9 of the re-founders spoke before the body and fielded questions from the group. Following their presentation, the re-founders were asked to leave the hall and the formal session resumed.

At this point, a motion was made by Brother Heil to approve the petition of Epsilon Colony for Alpha status. Following a brief and spirited discussion, the motion was approved by a vote of 46 to 1, with Brother James Van Dyke E ’01, as Parliamentarian, announcing the results.