Adam Wellman E’93: “My Alpha Epsilon friendships have positively impacted the quality of my life”

Adam Wellman E’93 ( joined Chi Psi because of the Brotherhood. “There was a quality of individuals who made up the membership,” he said. “There was also a right balance between one’s commitment to the University and to the Fraternity.”

It was a good decision, one that created “too many good memories to be able to pick just one.”

He says that Alpha Epsilon has impacted long after graduation. “The friendships I made have continued, to this day, to positively impact my quality of life. Strong friendships are an essential component of a full and happy life, and I have an abundance of them thanks to Alpha Epsilon.”

Wellman says that giving back to Alpha Epsilon is important to him. “I wanted to contribute to the organization that had such a positive impact on my life.”

“All institutions require financial support to thrive, and Alpha Epsilon is no exception. Financial support is the least I can do to express my gratitude.”

And if more brothers gave back? “The rising cost of attendance at U of M is relentless, and I strongly feel that our endowment needs to be much stronger in order to support a diverse and healthy membership.”

Without Chi Psi, it is likely I would have never met my wife of 23 years because we met, indirectly, through, brother Charlie Young, E ’93.