Announcing the Alpha Epsilon of Chi Psi Re-Founding Capital Campaign

With over $1 Million in commitments already secured from alumni Brothers, the Alpha Epsilon of Chi Psi Re-Founding Capital Campaign now seeking participation from everyone to reach the $2 Million goal and invest in the future of Epsilon.

Dear Brother in Chi Psi,

Since the fateful decision in 2016 to bring an end to 172 years of Chi Psi Fraternity at the University of Michigan, the alumni Brothers of our Alpha have worked to develop a long-term strategy for its return. As we have been reporting over the last several months, the Re-Founding of Epsilon, which began in earnest in the Fall of 2020, is gaining momentum, and over the last year the Epsilon Trustee Corporation, together with the Epsilon Educational Endowment has been meeting regularly to establish the parameters of a much-needed capital campaign to support our Re-Founding effort and ensure the successful return of Alpha Epsilon to our beloved home at 620 South State Street.

Through outreach surveys and speaking personally with many of our fellow alumni, we are happy to report that overwhelmingly, our Brothers have responded positively and enthusiastically in favor of charging ahead with this effort, including several early commitments of funding and volunteer support. That is why we are now pleased to announce the official launch of the Alpha Epsilon of Chi Psi Re-Founding Capital Campaign. In the coming days, you will receive a detailed overview of this campaign in the mail, including the case for support, the goals we are hoping to achieve, and the plan for the future. These were developed with the input of hundreds of our fellow Brothers, to ensure that the Lodge returns once and for all as the first and finest fraternity at the University of Michigan. We are happy to give you early digital access to these materials for your consideration and review.

During the initial “silent phase” of this effort, leaders from all decades have pledged to participate in the Alpha Epsilon of Chi Psi Re-Founding Capital Campaign. Through this support, we are pleased to report that we have just crossed the halfway threshold to our $2 Million goal by reaching $1,045,620 in cash, pledges, and matching contributions from our National Chi Psi Educational Trust designated fund. With this milestone reached, now is the time for all Epsilonians to step up and financially respond to make the vision for a re-born Lodge and recapitalized Epsilon Educational Endowment a reality. We ask that you carefully consider the linked materials and hope that you will make a pledge consistent with your capacity to be paid over the next 3 to 5 years. This campaign will require all of us to participate if we are to reach our goal.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our committee members or era captains who are conducting alumni outreach. The public phase has now commenced and has an expected completion date of Fall 2022. Thank you for joining us in investing in the future of Alpha Epsilon.

Yours in the Bonds,